Jeremy Browne is a principled and hard-working working prospective candidate
who is listening to all the people in Taunton constituency and representing
the area effectively. He has been supported by the leaders of the Liberal
Democrats, and has attracted the positive attention of the national media.
Jeremy has met with thousands of people in Taunton Deane and West Somerset,
and has worked alongside many of the leading figures in the local community.

Jeremy Browne is delighted to receive the endorsements of community leaders
in Taunton constituency, prominent politicians and the national media, some
of whose views are represented below. But the most important endorsements
are from people living and working in Taunton Deane and West Somerset, and
you can join with Jeremy and the Liberal Democrats by clicking on ‘Get Involved’ and getting behind the winning team.

“Taunton constituency is fortunate to have Jeremy Browne working hard to
represent the interests of local people”
Charles Kennedy MP, Liberal Democrat Leader

“I have run a small business for many years and I value having politicians who listen to my concerns and understand the pressures I face. Jeremy Browne has a high local profile in Taunton and is very interested in bringing new jobs and prosperity to the town. We need dynamic people like him to make sure Taunton has a successful future.”
Ray Tully, shopkeeper, Monkton Heathfield, Taunton

“young, dashing, bright and hard-working – he is tipped for the top”
The Sunday Express

“Jeremy Browne is absolutely right for Taunton constituency. He is
energetic, has good judgement, and will play a major role in the future of
the Liberal Democrats.”
Paddy Ashdown, Liberal Democrat Leader 1988-1999

“Jeremy Browne makes a real effort to listen to rural people and speak up about the problems facing the countryside. He takes a close interest in what is happening on Exmoor and is always willing to represent village and farming communities across West Somerset and Taunton Deane.”
Guy Thomas-Everard, farmer, Exmoor

“witty and robust – a strong candidate”
The Guardian

“Jeremy Browne understands that Wellington is a unique town with its own special character. He is always prepared to stand up for Wellington and make sure our voice is heard.”
Lil Pincombe, long-standing Wellington resident

“Jeremy Browne is one of the rising young talents in the Liberal Democrats. I expect him to make a major impact on public life in Britain.”
Menzies Campbell MP, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader

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