Mattresses play a critical role in your well-being and posture. You can either feel quite comfortable or spend your day feeling severe back pain depending on the kind of mattress you sleep on. As a result, you need to carefully examine your choices before deciding on which to purchase.

How firm a mattress is impacted directly on the back of your body. This, however, is not the only feature to put into consideration when buying one. There are several other factors you also need to look out for. An ideal mattress ought not to be very stiff or so soft that you just sink into it, as this will make you sleep in an uneven posture. Your back needs to be relaxed when you sleep to eliminate back pains. This is why a good mattress is essential when you have the health of your back in mind. It is also worth noting that poor sleeping positions could also result in pains in the back. Here are some of the best mattresses for back pain,

Memory or latex foam mattresses.

These are arguably the most appropriate in relieving back pains. This is because they are relatively firm and offer enough support to the back. They also align the spine, supporting the lumbar and cushioning the hips and the back. People who are experiencing pain in the back are advised to use this mattress. Contact Us

Helix mattresses.

They are made of natural latex and memory foam. They are of a higher quality and durable. They contour to the body because of their softness and medium firmness. They are ideal in combating acute back pains.

Saatva mattresses.

These specifically made to prevent sagging and are made up of comfort coils which wrap and contour on the body, a factor that makes them ideal for combating lower back pains.

Amerisleep AS2.

Made of memory foam for support to the body. This enhances the alignment of the spine preventing back pains. Discover more ..